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Posted 26.03.11 in Features

Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin Zephaniah welcomes you to the Young Poets Network, talks about what it was like to publish his first book and why he sees performance as a vital part of his role as a poet.

Benjamin Zephaniah was born in Handsworth, Birmingham. His poetry is influenced by dub and rap rhythms and often uses humour to get across a strong political message. Zephaniah has published numerous acclaimed collections of poetry as well as recordings both as a musician and poet. He is also a vice president of the Poetry Society.

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2 Responses to “Benjamin Zephaniah”

  1. Wiggy says:

    I really admire his raw dedication to poetry, not to the ‘academia’ of it, but THE THANG itself.

  2. Ravenix says:

    He wrote that poem about being in love with a hedgehog! I loved that poem when I was little. And the one about the turkeys. I’ve always thought this guy is awesome.