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Posted 28.04.11 in Writing

‘Add’ by Sherrie Talgeri

stars wash away

act as my hand


stay warm


Sherrie Talgeri wrote Add in response to Ross Sutherland’s Univocal Challenge.

Ross Sutherland says: ‘Add’ shows just how versatile you can be with a univocal constraint. Writing in fragments like this opens up the constraint in a surprising, different way. There’s a lot going on for such a short poem, which I keep reading both as a love poem, and as something more tragic. It’s that closing image that really gets me: “act as my hand […] stay warm”.

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9 Responses to “‘Add’ by Sherrie Talgeri”

  1. The Wig says:

    Sherrie’s poems always have this warm and fragile magic feel <3 :) I am picturing sandmans on on a starry beach at night, with the waves and cold air <3

  2. Sherrie says:

    Ah, I feel quite flattered, Ameerah, but I feel most of the other univocal poems were better!

    One small thing is the missing ‘r’ from my first name – there are two.

  3. admin says:

    Sorry about the typo, got both “r”s now.

  4. shah says:


  5. shah says:

    i love this site its amazing!! i am 14 today and its quiet cool :)i wrote a poem and sent it off :D

  6. The Wig says:

    Mehh, everyone feels others’ poetry is better than one’s own, Sherrie :}

  7. The Wig says:

    Shah: the site is warming up, and it’s looooveeellllyy :DDD Happy 14th :)

  8. Claudia says:

    Rather late to comment on this post, but I had a go at writing some univocal haiku, one for each vowel. Here’s my A one:

    stars mark black canvas
    dark and sparkly strata arch
    NASA’s galaxy

  9. admin says:

    Great Claudia! I particularly like “dark and sparkly strata arch”.