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Posted 28.04.11 in Writing

‘Doc Roy, MP’ by Alister MacQuarrie

Roy, doctor, MP: long top of polls,
Two sons, no dog; strong on God;
Smooth. Owns TopShop stocks.
BBC vox pops show: “Doc Roy good for London”;
“Doc Roy’s on top”; “Looks good for top job”.

Doc Roy MP’s cosy. Too cosy. Doc Roy’s got sloppy.
On London docks, Tom spots Roy’s boy toy. Not so hot
For Doc Roy’s pro-God, no-sodomy sponsors.
Doc Roy’s crown’ll roll. Poor sod, not top dog now,
Drops to rock bottom – shot down for lowly joys.


Alister MacQuarrie wrote ‘Doc Roy, MP’ in response to Ross Sutherland’s Univocal Challenge.

Ross Sutherland says: Both of Alister’s poems (the other is ‘Sam’s Grand Slam’) are hilarious and really accomplished in the form. Great to see someone have a go at a univocalism in ‘O’ as well. It’s one of the harder univocalisms to pull off, but Doc Roy comes out with aplomb. The short sentences help free up some maneuverability, and also make the humour really snappy (“strong on God” is particularly good).

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  1. The Wig says:

    The sound ‘O’ makes in your mouth is humorous itself! :D