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Posted 28.04.11 in Writing

‘Parva Ava’ by Adriana Pallero

A warm and calm May day
Ava grabs a branch and plays
Draws a path and says
‘Ha, that’s Ava’s way!’

Day falls fast and
Ava gasps
At a black sky
that clasps many stars

“Why, can a man stand
as grand as a star?”


Adriana Pallero wrote ‘Parva Ava’ in response to Ross Sutherland’s Univocal Challenge.

Ross Sutherland says: Great use of dialogue here, which gives Adriana some extra maneuverability inside the poem. I love the combination of “grabs a branch” with “draws a path”, which seems to arrive so effortlessly, you forget the constraint altogether (I think that’s always a good sign!). Similarly, “a black sky / that clasps many stars” is wonderful. There’s something about the use of the ‘A’ sound throughout his poem that creates an atmosphere of wonder and awe. Maybe it’s that switch from playing in the dust to gasping at stars… it makes me think of the way that children can behave like the whole universe is within their control. It makes me like this poem a lot.

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4 Responses to “‘Parva Ava’ by Adriana Pallero”

  1. jane says:

    Very clever and beautifully descriptive. Well done!!

  2. The Wig says:

    I like how this is simple yet coherent, a bit like the aura around the letter ‘a’ :) I like this one and t

  3. Tom says:

    This is an amazing poem! Fantastic example of univocal writing too.


    • Nicolette says:

      the song transpired a rmineder of a solid past still in existence, still there- solid ground, though the song spoke about another thing. Melodies are incubators for memories and for them to be re-echoed back into existence when the melodies play again. They not only function as the medium of the message they carry but another added massage that reality places in them. It’s a beautiful poem about a memory being reawakened by a melody that carried with them your history.