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Posted 28.04.11 in Writing

‘Soil’ by Basiratulann Shahid

A flag hangs and
Sang that day,
A man ran at lands,
All maps drawn far as
A man marks a way;
Glad talk and stars fall

As a flag hangs,
A man walks back
And sands mark a land
As art marks a canvas.


Basiratulann Shahid wrote ‘Soil’ in response to Ross Sutherland’s Univocal Challenge.

Ross Sutherland says: There’s a loud, dramatic quality to this poem… a poem that needs to take place outside. It’s a quality shared by two or three of the entries, and it makes me think that there might be something inside the personality of the vowel itself that encourages this. It’s great watching the ideas coalescing over the course of this poem, ending with that really strong final couplet: “sands mark a land / as art marks a canvas.”

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4 Responses to “‘Soil’ by Basiratulann Shahid”

  1. Astha says:

    Incredible writing, love the similie – like art marks a canvas . . .

  2. Hijabi Hippie says:

    Great poem, proud of you B! :)

  3. Basiratulann says: