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Posted 03.06.11 in Writing

‘Skin’ by Jade Cuttle

My skin is the sky, but I’m tearing apart at the seams; a plane leaves it’s mark, as a streaming stain of white dribbles from a cut, and then clots to make a cloud.
You lot thought you could just stitch me back up; fill in the cracks like the concrete tracks you use as plasters, to hide the scars and holes you’ve dug.
An exploding bomb becomes a birthmark-
try hiding that one. 

Jade Cuttle wrote Skin in response to Joelle Taylor’s ‘No Man’s’ Land’ Challenge

Joelle Taylor says: I loved this poem Jade. It is clear, concise and holds the sound of the poet’s voice beautifully. I can hear you speak it as I read. I particularly like the scar left by the plane across the skin of the sky imagery, and for me the strongest line is “fill in the cracks like the concrete tracks you use as plasters”. It voices the anger of the Earth counter-balanced with impotence and gentle sadness. It would be interesting to see what a longer version of the poem/ another poem written in the same character voice could bring. For example: explore further the notion of the Earth as a wronged woman (that is the voice I hear when I read it). I enjoyed the provocative nature of the poem , especially the ending “try hiding that one”. A great example of personification. Well done.


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2 Responses to “‘Skin’ by Jade Cuttle”

  1. The Wig says:

    I love how strong and verbal this is, yet gentle and motherly. I agree with Joelle- this could be stretched into a longer poem, because the extended metaphor is so good.

  2. Kate says:

    I agree! I love the way that you have manipulated the things going on around us into metaphors.