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Posted 31.10.11 in Writing

“Bodies Int River” by Rebekah Musk

River winds sluggish
Slow, grey, grave
Like a funeral parade like
Cos that’s what it is
Slow, grey, sluggish
Winding dahn past t’trees
Through t’park
None’s watchin’
None’s cryin’ like
Nowt t’ cry abaht
Even t’sun ‘ides ‘isen
And t’river just flows
Grave, grey, sluggish
‘Evvy wit shame and t’silt


Rebekah Musk wrote ‘Bodies Int River’ in response to Liz Berry’s feature on using your own words in which she talked about bringing her own local dialect into her poems. You can read Liz’s original feature here.

Liz Berry says, “Wow – Rebekah’s little poem packs a big punch. I loved the Northern voice that was sustained throughout and the sense of darkness and sulleness that fills the poem. To develop it I might add one or two unusual dialect words to make that voice even stronger and add to that sinister tone.”

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