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Posted 01.02.12 in Writing

‘Did You Know?’ by Linda Phan

You didn’t know, did you?
that stars are the truths untouched by cynicism.
You never see them in the big city.
Smoke is evidence of animism,
spirits never burn away.
And the sky is one intake of breath,
God never breathes upon us.
Mirrors don’t show you yourself.
They’re just leaks that take you somewhere else.
When you suck through a straw,
you’re creating a vacuum.
Where there is nothing.
Isn’t nothing something?
You say it’s not true. You know it.
But am I really a liar,
if I believe it?
Linda Phan wrote Did You Know in response to Jack Underwood’s Why Should Anyone Care Challenge, in which Jack encourages us to think about how we can involve our readers.

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