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Posted 01.06.12 in Workshop

Olympic Poem Relay: Write Your Two Line Lap

Olympic Torch Kiss (cc Welsh Government Llywodraeth Cymru)
Image by Welsh Goevrment / Llywodraeth Cymru

We’re creating a giant relay poem to help prepare for the Olympic experience, and we’re asking you to contribute two lines! Plus our favourite three submissions will win Young Poet Network notebooks.

We’re asking everyone to write two lines which we will join together to form one marathon poem. Your lines can be on any aspect of the games, here are some ideas to get your started:  

Your favourite Olympic sport
Watching sport at home or in a stadium
An athlete training
The torch relay passing through your area
The opening ceremony
Olympic buildings and venues
Newspaper headlines and advertising slogans

If you’re not a sports fan, and are sick of hearing about the Olympics you could even write a couplet about that too!

To help us join all the lines together we’re asking you to use the same rhythm of this famous couplet from boxer and sporting hero Muhammad Ali:
“Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee.
George can’t hit what his eyes can’t see”

Try saying it to yourself a few times to get the rhythm in your head before composing your own sporting couplets. You can send in as many couplets as you wish but we will only select one couplet per person to include in the final poem.

To submit your lines just pop them in an email to along with your name and age if you are 25 or under (if your are over 25 you can just say “over 25″)!  

This particular challenge is open to poets of all ages. 

We are running this challenge in sections. The first section closed on the 9th July and we’re piecing those lines into a poem at the moment. We will be running a second sections during the games so you can still send us your couplets for the final poem.

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107 Responses to “Olympic Poem Relay: Write Your Two Line Lap”

  1. Cleo Preece says:

    You wave your flag,
    With respect for your country.

  2. chloe cheyne says:

    You work hard to push the pedal,
    To try and win a golden medal .

  3. Prabhu says:

    let the breeze whisper the essence of olympics,
    with the flames enchanting the spirit of sportiveness!!!

  4. Hayley G says:

    Thousands of eyes are staring
    As they run with pride and glory

  5. sinead says:

    run with the glory as the tortch lay snug in your hands

  6. jordan says:

    A frozen moment flashlights glaring,
    To rise or fall will complete the story,

  7. jordan says:

    Your hot breath in the cool night air,
    eyes shut running with the wind in your hair,

  8. Hannah says:

    Feet lifting off the ground
    Soaring through the air, then pushing back down

  9. Young Poets Network says:

    Brilliant couplets! Remember to email them to with your name and age if you want to win one of the notebooks!

  10. Alice Broadhurst says:

    You trained so hard
    Now it’s time for the race to start

  11. Julie Woods says:

    Get on an aeroplane, fly overseas, Miss the Olympics? – Oh yes please!

  12. Barbara Hawthorne says:

    On your toes Jack, floating on air
    fleet as a comet
    with metres to spare.

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  14. Red Hoody says:

    inequality wins the human race, love fainted,came last place.

  15. Red Hoody says:

    Humanity hoolahoops fourcircles,
    London’s dizzy so scissors get busy.

  16. Red Hoody says:

    Immense reppression faces protest,there’s already a race that’s lost.

  17. fariha mahfuza says:

    had these words in it
    here i go

    passing area

    don’t remember what it said

  18. Oma Edoja says:

    At last, it is here!
    The flame passes; they cheer!

  19. Jack Heblani says:

    It isn’t just a contest,
    it’s passion passed down years after years.

  20. Shama Taimour Bukhari says:

    The cloudless days the windy nights,
    welcome the athletes from around the earth.

  21. Shama Taimour Bukhari says:

    years passed by the Olympics shared,
    all the good sportsmen in the air.

  22. Nicole Duckworth says:

    As Team GB win and score
    The Great British public begin to roar!

  23. my name is ezinwanne umerah. says:

    i am 17yrs old .in one spirit of determination records continue to swim upstream . because we let our fears sink

  24. Carla Tromans says:

    For it is hard to contain the pride of a nation,
    And you have to cheer at such jubilation.

  25. Olivia Clark says:

    Burning light, heart to heart;
    Britain glowing through the dark

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  27. Rebecca says:

    Good luck to everyone competing!

  28. Frances Trimming says:

    Keep calm, keep cool, when under stress
    have fun when you run to perform your best

  29. Israa Khan says:

    Dreams of silver, bronze, and gold
    Shine upon a torch of old

  30. Israa Khan says:

    Five colors, locked in rings
    Symbolize unity, pride of kings

  31. Elliot Brown says:

    Swim like a sailfish in the water cold,
    Then you might win Olympic Gold!

  32. Elliot Brown says:

    (Elliot is 7 years old.)

  33. Emily Nicholas age 7 says:

    Run like a cheetah, hit like a ball.
    Score a goal try not to fall.

  34. Kerri Hawkins says:

    The day starts
    and the games begin.

  35. Kerri Hawkins says:

    This is the day says amy williams as she wins the race

  36. Laoise McMahon says:

    Make your country proud
    Cheer the crowd

  37. Shravani Khandar says:

    Splash like a dolphin ,
    Splosh like a whale,
    Swimmer participants,
    Wave your tale!!

  38. Shravani Khandar says:

    Slither like a snake,
    Don’t you rest,
    Hey you hockey players
    Do your best!!!

  39. Priyanka Kurl says:

    Go on England you are the best,
    We are cheering for the west!

  40. Dev Penamala says:

    1 There’s a torch bright in the podium
    While I am sitting proud in the stadium.

    2 I like to get in the pool, because I think it’s cool.

    3 Cricket is a sport that’s fun, you wack the ball then run.

  41. Laoise McMahon says:

    Make your country proud
    Nervous is the crowd

  42. she who shall not me named says:

    power in his hands a wondrous beauty
    as he runs and fight for the honour of his country

  43. Taran Mathur says:

    Burnning torch in the night

    Guiding Britain to the light

  44. Olivia Kershaw says:

    Pulse racing, quickened rhythm, causing quite a stir,
    Everything around him is a swift deft blur.

  45. mikel says:

    Its our time now to put on a show that the world will never forget. I still sit and think of those great races, between Seb Coe and Steve Ovett.

  46. Christine Gwaze says:

    Every stride I take I’m feeling free,
    This race will release the champion in me.

  47. Ram Verma says:

    the olympics come every 4 years . and now england will cheer with beer

  48. Nicola Moran says:

    As the summers sun fades away,
    the olympic games come into play.

  49. abbie says:

    athletes coming from all over the world to england.every body taking part.

  50. Clarice Schreiner says:

    From China to Canada, from England to Brazil
    In this Olympic year, have fun we all will.

  51. Melissa Yeung says:

    The cheering crowd edges me on,
    As the thought of victory charges my storm.

  52. bruno says:

    i like standing long jump but
    i like trampolining too.

  53. bruno says:

    athletes are cool athletes fast athletes good

  54. Dan says:

    A package holiday to homeland Greece,

    To bypass the games with pride and peace.

  55. Maggie Shelton says:

    She explodes from the water, sleek muscle display
    Our Missy Franklin, Team USA

  56. Ian says:

    Every nation taking part,
    The crowd goes quiet, the race can start.

  57. Olivia says:

    As the torch rushes by I watch it’s burning flame,
    The athletes are getting ready, eager for fame.

  58. Etienne says:

    A little boy, cheering his hero’s name,
    never thinking he’d be doing the same.

  59. Tobie and Jack M says:

    The athletes are running,
    they are truly stunning!

  60. Niamh and Josh says:

    As the athletes are starting their race,
    The crowd cheers as they pick up the pace.

  61. Emily and Ewan says:

    As the athletes see the finish is nearing,
    Their heart in their ears is all they are hearing.

  62. Jake T and Liam says:

    Men and women should give up never,
    With hope and glory to last forever.

  63. Jay and Jack O.. says:

    Here I am, laid in bed
    Thinking about the Olympics in my head.

  64. Ashleigh says:

    Watching all the rummers go past,
    Making sure they will be fast

  65. Lena says:

    Run with a smile
    Then run a whole mile.

  66. Harry says:

    Girls are jumping,
    The crowd is dumming.

  67. Alex says:

    Do you think it will start to hail?
    Do you think the boats will sail?

  68. Charis says:

    He has won a ticket, he is so happy,
    In his mind the Olympics are all he can see.

  69. Luke says:

    I’m buzzing like a bee,
    in a big tree.

  70. Etienne says:

    Running faster was once a dream,
    Now he’s the fastest guy ever seen!

  71. Jemma says:

    I am proud, I am steady,
    I am also ready.

  72. Theo says:

    Jumping longer,
    Ever stronger.

  73. Jodie says:

    If you spin,
    You’ll always win.

  74. Megan and James says:

    The Olympics have begun,
    Medals are to be won.

  75. Kiera says:

    First or last,
    I always feel like I’ve had a blast.

  76. Chiana and Tamsin says:

    As the javelin goes through the air,
    Mr. Mayer shouts, “It’s almost there!”

  77. Jake S says:

    Bang! Bang! goes his gun,
    Those shots were not for fun.

  78. Ben says:

    While watching the events,
    Your heart starts to tense.

  79. Isabel says:

    She fires the arrow, never to miss,
    A gold medal! She’s won this.

  80. Archie says:

    Bolt is the fastest,
    He is the classiest.

  81. Naise Barrett says:

    I cant wait until they show the final poem:)


  82. chloe says:

    if you win and someone looses give them a hug and say no bosting

  83. chloe says:

    oh hi

  84. alice says:

    On your marks,
    get set,

  85. evie says:

    The Olympic Games
    The Games of Life
    Not about trouble
    Not about strife
    It’s not the winning,
    It’s the taking part,
    It’s all about
    What is true to heart…..

  86. Naise Barrett says:

    Can we still send in our coulets now or do have to wait until the games?

    will you show us the poem from the first section or will you only show it after the second section?


  87. Megan says:

    I can run,
    faster than you.

  88. Connie Lynch says:

    My time has come to be the best wish me well as I enter the quest

  89. Connie Lynch says:

    I’m holding the torch of gloy A relay race stands before me

  90. zain says:

    Quickley, make a bun because it’s time to run

  91. zain says:

    aaron crook loves the look of the rule book

  92. wolf warroir says:

    it’s time to have a party
    because it’s time for karate

  93. zara ishy!!XX says:

    I came from the top trying to take the spot.I look down looking for the man to give a shot.

  94. tyler says:

    the olympic torch has arrived
    has the torch survived ?

  95. Jazmine Codrington says:

    Feel the tension of the crowd,
    Accept the glory then make them proud.

  96. Joseph Wheatley says:

    The red light ignites the amber flame,
    Traffic lights on standby for the green we wait…
    for the signal to go,
    the gun powder flows through the barrel to explode and let the Olympians show who should own the 24 carrot throne.

  97. Joseph Wheatley says:

    Ready, set? for the people that expect,
    GOing for GOld so the history can be told.

  98. Joseph Wheatley says:

    They say lightening never strikes twice,
    You can see it in his eyes that bolt will surprise.

  99. Joseph Wheatley says:


  100. laura burland says:

    8000 miles does the flame go,
    arround the contrey too, and throw!

  101. Kelvin Oba says:

    Mark the finish line with gold
    And amplify the loud roar of the fans.

  102. chloe says: