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Posted 07.06.13 in Features

Poetry Overseas: Writing Across Borders

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Jack Little from Newcastle tells us about his experiences setting up a poetry press in Mexico and invites submissions from UK and Mexican poets aged 16-25.

Mexico City is a chaotic yet beautiful city, ripe with the weird and wonderful: sad clowns on buses after a hard day at work, couples walking in the park dressed as skeletons, an old man who shares his sandwich on a bench in the hot sun. Nothing would surprise me here, no wonder it’s the home of magical realism! One way in which I have tried to share this has been through The Ofi Press, an international online magazine showcasing work from both here in Mexico and abroad, a project aimed at promoting a love of quality global literature.

It has been a learning experience to run an online magazine, which has very quickly become a passion, perhaps even an obsession. Although the site began just as a few pages on the internet, the whole project has grown, bringing together writers from all over the Americas for our monthly poetry nights in Mexico City, new translation projects and the production of a book for The Clipperton Project. We’ve published brand new writers from several countries and world renowned poets such as George Szirtes, Jack Mapanje and Luljeta Lleshanaku. We have created new collaborations bringing together Latin and West African poets, as well as our latest project of bringing together Geordie and Mexican poets in conversation, creating new dialogues and discussions across borders. We have taken on a new intern from the UK who will be helping to promote the site and source works of fiction from around the world. It’s a way for me to reconnect with back home from so far away.

As a young poet, I have been following YPN a lot, entering several competitions and using many of the writing challenges to improve my own writing. When I read this year’s anthology of Foyle Young Poets I was so impressed that I had an idea for a new collaboration, for young British poets and Mexican poets to work together to create something exciting and fresh for The Ofi Press. There is a wealth of emerging talent in poetry in both of these countries, so why not open up new lines of exploration with translations of work to English and Spanish, and promote the pool of talented poets bridging the Atlantic Ocean from the UK to Mexico? I am very excited.

The Ofi Press is now accepting submissions from young poets aged 16 to 25 from both the UK and Mexico, to be showcased online later in 2013. The theme of the poems should be based on “connection” and you may interpret this in your own way! You could think of emotional, philosophical or scientific connections – or in just about any way, shape or form. The more imaginative, the better. Selected poems will be translated into Spanish.

Throw lots of seeds out there and work hard. Explore your writing, read lots and, more than anything else, enjoy yourself! You never know what may come from those tiny seeds.

Submitting your poems

Submissions via YPN are now closed – you can read the fabulous poems from the Ofi Press-Young Poets Network collaboration here. And you can still submit to the Ofi Press directly – good luck!


Jack Little

Jack Little (b. 1987) is a British poet, translator and editor based in Mexico City where he edits The Ofi Press magazine online. He has forthcoming or published poetry in Wasafiri, Ink, Sweat and Tears, The Barehands Poetry Anthology, Morphrog and New Linear Perspectives. He has represented the Mexican national cricket

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20 Responses to “Poetry Overseas: Writing Across Borders”

  1. YoungPoet says:


    Can you submit more than one poem? If so, should we include them in the body of the same email or send them individually in separate emails?

    Thank you

    • Young Poets Network says:

      Hiya, Yes you can submit more than one poem – all in the body of an email is fine! Good luck.

  2. Isabella says:

    I don’t know if I have to put a question but I just love this site and the poems and people on it.

  3. Andreea says:

    Just a question about writing our address in the email- does it have to be a full address including street name and house number or simply name of Town/City?

    Thank you

  4. Troy says:

    What kind of poetry are they looking for? Is there anything in specific?

    Thank you for this article, by the way. :)

    • Young Poets Network says:

      You’re welcome, Troy! Any kind of poetry, as long as it is on the theme of ‘connection’. Good luck!

  5. LOOKY DEKA says:

    hi, ’tis a wonderful website.i am from india.can i send my poem too?

    • Young Poets Network says:

      Hi there, usually on Young Poets Network our challenges are open to young poets from all over the world, but in this instance the call for submissions is for British and Mexican poets. We will have more challenges on the website soon and look forward to receiving your poems!

  6. Alex Eade says:

    Hi, I was just wondering, you said write the poem in a body of an email, are you requesting that we right the poem in the email, or attach a document onto the email?
    and thank you for this opportunity, I LOVE writing, and I try and get my work oout there to people, so this is a great opportunity to me and I cant thank you enough :)

    • Young Poets Network says:

      Hi Alex, Glad you are pleased! Please type the poem in the body of an email, or copy and paste it into the body of an email from your original document. Thank you!

  7. Rachel says:

    Hi, this challenge sounds amazing and I’m so excited for it. Is there a word/line limit?

  8. Ayesha Sahar Mirza says:

    I really do like these competitions very much and love to contribute to them but I am not a British nor Mexican so I can’t take part in this competition but please do notify me of the other competitions not just for British. I really approve of these type of competitions :)

  9. Miriam says:

    I wondered whether they have selected poems yet and when people who have submitted work will hear back, thanks

    • Young Poets Network says:

      Hi Miriam, everyone should have heard back now about whether their submission was successful.

  10. Chandrakant says:

    This Competition isn’t related to FYP which closed on 31 july , is it?
    Although I am Indian so can I apply for this,
    OR it isnt Necessary?

    • Young Poets Network says:

      Hi Chandrakant, all the writing challenges on Young Poets Network are separate to the Foyle Young Poets competition.