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Posted 19.12.13 in Writing

‘Le Corsaire’ by Flora de Falbe

Look what the sea dragged in,
rugged and salt-cheeked like a bit of weathered glass.
All the ladies love a pirate. All the pirate loves
is the lady with limbs like fireworks,
throwing herself from shape to shape as though made of light.
If sold, she’ll slip your fist before you touch her;
if bought, she’ll call her pirate king to save her;
and storms will send them skipping over waves, unchained,
her hair still, somehow, full of flowers.


Flora’s poem won the English National Ballet challenge, to write a poem inspired by the epic love story of Conrad and Medora from Le Corsaire, the ballet based on Lord Byron’s poem The Corsair (1814).

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4 Responses to “‘Le Corsaire’ by Flora de Falbe”

  1. Holly says:

    This is wonderful Flora. Really lyric and lilting and bright. A real gem. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Holly says:

    Oh – also, I just remembered where I know your name from! You wrote my favourite poem from Foyle 2012. I have it on my wall :) It’s brilliant. Never ever stop writing.

  3. Alice Cattley says:

    I absolutely love this too! I’ve always loved short poems in particular as they seem so concentrated. Your imagery is so striking and your language gorgeous – all the patterns in the phrasing make it wonderfully cohesive. Very very very well done!

  4. Beatrice says:

    A beautiful poem which, in my humble opinion, is a really wonderful, lyrical reflection one of my favourite ballets. Well done, Flora!