Screenshot of a YouTube video: young poet Hannah Hodgson is performing her poem 'What I wish I could say during this pandemic'

How to record a poem like a pro

In these digital days, you might be sharing your poems online more than ever before. Here are some tips to make your videos look sleek and professional. A couple of notes before we start – we’re using the word ‘camera’ as a catch-all term in this feature, but we know that you’ll probably be recording […]

harana poetry logo: a stringed instrument drawn to the left with lines to the right and harana poetry written

How to work in the arts: Kostya Tsolakis & Romalyn Ante (harana poetry)

How can you start an online magazine with a friend? How do you juggle your poetry passions with making a living? In the latest instalment of our series profiling arts workers, we speak to Kostya Tsolakis and Romalyn Ante, poets and co-editors of the online poetry magazine harana poetry. What is your name and what […]

Photo of some sea squirts under water: squishy, foamy looking things

Unpack a Poem: Regrow Your Entire Body

Sea Creature Regrows Entire Body was the headline that stopped me short. It took a day or two to get back to it what with all the broken cups… from ‘Sea Creature Regrows Entire Body’ by Elaine Beckett, published in The Poetry Review, Vol 102, No. 2, Summer 2020. There is nothing we enjoy more […]

James Berry reading from his book

Sailing Away to a New Land: The Writing of James Berry

James Berry is a poetry titan. He migrated from Jamaica to Britain in 1948, the year the Windrush arrived in Essex, and was one of the earliest writers to use Jamaican vernacular in his poetry. We asked poet Hannah Lowe, a friend of James Berry and an expert on his work, to give us an […]

Photo of a paintbrush and some dark blue and black paint

Miriam Culy on Pain Poetry

Young Poets Networker Miriam Culy explores the theme of physical pain in poetry, and shares how writing has helped her cope with her own chronic illness. When you learn about poetry in school, you often look at poems on love, nature or war, and perhaps God, beauty or death. You don’t very often look at […]

Image of the Mona Lisa wearing a facemask

Poetry In A Pandemic

Every year, The Poetry Society welcomes two American interns to our office in London. Yanisa Campusano was just settling in to the Betterton Street life when the lockdown hit. In the midst of global crisis, Yanisa carried on her internship digitally and, fascinated by how poetry has flourished during this pandemic, has written us this […]

Black and white photo of a young Sarojini Naidu. She looks to one side with her hand to her face, wearing a sari.

Sarojini Naidu: WWI poetry and the ‘Gift’ of India

Here at YPN, we’ve often published features exploring the life and works of poets who have had a big impact on English literature – from William Blake to Elizabeth Bishop, Edith Sitwell to Robert Browning. In this latest feature, Stephanie Sy-Quia explores the life and works of Sarojini Naidu, an Indian poet and activist, in […]