That Night

By Ellora Sutton

The hands             that night one-on-one             that night pain and suffering             that night. I can tell you firsthand the devastating impact. Life has been deeply altered forever. Every waking minute is consumed with worry             anxiety                         fear and depression. He walks. I hide. He consumes. Broken             shattered in so many ways. […]

Stages of Grief

By Gwenllian Rees

It began with a hole.   It took fifteen years to construct a man:          working day and night To make time to overcome The difficulties of functioning On his own. The prize? Tomorrow.   Somewhere in the past, he completely changed And never told anyone.  


By Olivia Todd

Between oceans lies the deserted Land of Decoration. The book thief wanders these tomeless shores and resigns to the forgetting time. A life discarded, a dismantled bike crumpled at the bottom of a cliff. No trigger warning present. They are all alone here. Untouched by urban lights, the night rainbow is as expressive as smoke […]


By Samantha Lascelles

The voice                                             beamed into space      a message of peace and hope.                          died earlier this year,                              set to   music                   ordinary orange dwarf star.

Different Roads

By Sally Liu

On a Friday night late in November the Road had come to a stop, falling to pieces. Brought to a stand. And everything upon it followed and overspread one another. That Friday night, an unwholesome sea shut out the light from the eyes of the mind; a beautiful nature to wither away by the setting […]

Side Effects

By Christiane Hitchcock

(Olanzapine: a choice I chose to not make, take from this what you will) do not be worried about this.   it will cause more sleepiness to help stop (mainly used) *addictive* other conditions. it may slow down your reactions. it may make you feel more sleepy. “short-acting” – as soon as you remember, whilst […]

youth realisation through conversation

By Tallulah Howarth

i’m scared -of? what is going to happen to us this is our lives, i suppose -have you eaten? i’m very confused i love you i am so jealous i’m sorry it’s all my fault you’re going to call an ambulance – yes, i am i’ve tried so hard to be numb, but i can’t […]


By Quinn Lui

                                                                          jook-sing is a word more esophagus than aorta. no glamour in the tremoring, no prideful blood-ink except as condemnation. price-match for the least expensive brand of bleach they sell here and apologize, afterwards, to the ruined silk. mama says the only words we have for beautiful are mere derivatives of the original. this too […]

Tranny Slag

By Jake Street

Take an Eastenders drag on a cheap cigarette fag called across the street as fag in my lips bleeds a cherry red ring and the dirty Spoons purses its door to my purse – predrinks alone. Stumble to Bound down back alley hobo grins take the grope for safe passage – speak friend and enter, […]

bone apple tea

By Lydia Wei

bone apple tea             boneless feet             bonus amp in cheese               boney kerosine blonde amputee           bone atrophy                           phone apple jeans        A B C D             toe tap the fleas i want to see disorder, destruction, chaos.              i’ve put a delicious razor blade to my tongue, madly bruised,  teeming, wild—                         like the raving […]


By Marina McCready

just outside the city so we’re slaves to the district line but it’s okay because everything we want is right here, in my ends. the night bus to take us to fantastic parties where the boys are pinging and the girls are taking blurry pics and rumour has it that Dan is on the pull. […]


By Jeremy Hsiao

‘Sayang’ in Malay is sweetheart, darling to be loving the way clouds sleep with the sky or the shadows nestle in the moon’s crescent curves ‘Sayang’ caresses my bruises, my cuts, glass tears sear my face stitching nerve endings together in silk a wave of reassurance whispering of the waters they’ll return soon. A word […]


By Lydia Wei

“Y’know, you oughta get home,” he said, turning back towards the scythed mountains, coulees flowing terribly, beautifully, with gold sediment, diamonds of his sun-flecked hair. That summer I had fallen in love. A warm chinook blew down from the Rockies, rustling his starched shirt, and he pointed towards the clouds hammered above the scree. Though […]

My Mother’s Return

By Lucy Thynne

At last / she turned around / into the Arrivals gate / at Terminal 5 / and I counted the seconds it took / for her eyes to find us / the time / I took to recognise her myself / browned / new smells hugging to flesh. / Only a week / but she […]


By William Snelling

o fist of cold / o glass green skin of the world / o shivering splinters glittering / i’m the chandelier that hit the marble floor / atoms pulsing / the water dissolving the page I stained with a dark blue bloom / this is home / this Milky Way of algae strokes / far-off […]


By Natalie Linh Bolderston

We always go where there are graves. / When she dies of pneumonia / they drop three coins in her mouth / bury her under the house in Xiamen. / For days after / her son kisses the floor / prays for new palms to pray with / searches for an eyelash / a used […]

No Ears

By Olivia Todd

Stop. Start. Stop. Start. You stumble over your words, like how the startled buffalo used to stumble over their stocky legs. Or how quickly you used to turn your horse with just the pressure of your calves. But you’ve been told to share a story. And this is something that’s in your blood. It flows […]

Fading Women

By Nazanin Soghrati

The women in my family have learned how to thread silence into the mercurial sky, how to press rust onto the heart-skin hemorrhage of their larynx. They have learned that their mouths were not built to speak, so they yell silently & pulverize their words into salt for the afternoon meal. The women in my […]


By Isaac Silver

All the trees were on fire. The asphalt roads bubbled, tarmac quick sand greedily swallowing matchstick people. Tumbling they went, flakes of a city dissolving in a shot glass of Armageddon. Horses ran from the Hertz hauling business with incandescent manes as all the oxygen vanished and candles in air raid shelters flickered out. Firestorm […]

After they throw eggs at your house

By Natalie Linh Bolderston

you reflect on how they tried to bury us, our bodies blurred beneath layers of scum. You say, England makes me feel like a red ant in a freezer. This place has never been ours. Your children look at you for an explanation. You hide them behind piles of dictionaries and Buddhist prayers on tape, […]

To Lev Gumilyov

By Lydia Wei

O Lev, love, your broken eyes— I’ve kissed your wan lips goodnight from miles away. Don’t you see I’m fighting for you, for us? Hunger clings to love as skin to bone. Lev, forgive my words. I could tell you how I’ve cried for you, how I’ve starved for you, but I won’t. Instead, I […]

Boys in the Sky

By Em Power

This was just like school. All those boys and bright eyes and dimpled faces. Sometimes the tedium came close to killing him. Perhaps this was just the disappointment that came with being ripped from emerald Winchester, its winnowing wind, its ceaseless warm summer evenings. Perhaps one can only cope with adolescent boys for so long, […]


By Matilda Houston-Brown

1. I can. It is terrible, terrible, To view the dead bloodless animal that hides between the silences, To meet its eyes and stare and stay alive. I have been waiting until my fingers grow tired Of holding my voice, fluttering like a half torn flag, In the lines of my palms, I have been […]

Me Sitting at Home Having Suffered Next to Nothing

By Beatriz Santos

I. For me you bring two darknesses One an eclipse of language And the other an eclipse of horror And it’s sad, even insipid, to hope My semi-distracted, beguiled imagination Could have taken in one erroneous smile Before it slipped into your poems. II. I let the two darknesses enter swollen Like little black barnacle […]


By Ella Standage

i. swimming, eyes closed. i want to see how far i’ll get before my breath runs out and all i am is ripples. the sea feels impossibly shoreless, here in the middle where the waves twist my body into a question mark: can the ocean exist without us trying to cross it? ii. if water […]

[the space within]

By Annika Cleland-Hura

Listen. Put on lightbreak             like the loafers that don’t quite fit                         but will in time. Wipe the sands of shame                                     and other people’s expectations from your eyes and waken into miracle. The audience             has faded with the stars. Walk soundlessly                         through the forest that breathes and dreams                                      with you. […]

listen to the middle voice.

By Felix Stokes

i will take you now,          let me have your hand (i heard there’s an artery straight to the heart from your wrist), let me hold it,     and i will                take you now. listen.                shut your eyes, […]

Take a Deep Breath

By Ellora Sutton

(After ‘The Beast in the Space’ by W.S. Graham.) Keep to the edge! To be sure, the shore is your friend. Look at how she wends, sharp black forked tongue, up and over the horizon lines, lashing, thrashing, serpent, siren, tale as old as ink. Don’t turn the page! Her fossils are here, but overleaf […]


By Ella Duffy

I shall have the last word, snatch it as it loops to its full self, newt-like, belly oiled with vowels, only to flip it back; a thin ghost of itself, now tadpole, pond skater, to flit from lobe to drum, drown, as new sounds bubble from your lips. If I’m quick, I’ll catch a full […]