The voice of a nation

By Emily Brown

New life brought into the world We hold within us The power to change a nation A way of thinking Faces hidden behind veils Ingenuity on the wrong side of closed doors Words as old as time tell us that this is how it should be But we do not have to look far To […]

Mind the Gap

By Opefoluwa Sarah Adegbite

i stand on a platform of unidentified faces, and business coats so long they flow over onto the tracks and make a swaddling sea of tweed and leather and polyester. i stand beside a beggar, wearing the night sky as his cloak; broken pieces of glass jabbed savagely into his sides, and the blood stains […]

An equilibrium?

By Jasmine Thom

“Inequality doesn’t exist anymore; If you work hard, you have the same chance as anyone.”   Tell that to the infants Who are still sold before their first breath, Because another mouth is another death.   Tell that to the girls Who are sold on their twelfth birthday, For their brother’s chance to thrive.   Tell that […]

‘We are dying here’

By Emily Reader

She is in an abyss, A vacuum where no thoughts can be voiced, The words cling to chords, Unable to sneak past walls of teeth, Into the dust-choked air. Her story is old news, Dried up and dull, And like toddlers, we have tossed her problems aside, When they lasted too long and got too […]

The secrets of the dominant patriarchal plant

By Faiza Manzoor

Pacing back and forth, 11pm at night, Redrafting and editing my work again, To make sure it is precisely right. The work in which I have become so invested, caffeine filled days and nights, And yet can’t expect to receive the same as Jim from the office, Despite equal pay entailed, in basic human rights. […]


By Hannah Hodgson

I feel you over my shoulder and I try to remind you that this ring is not a magnet towards pots and pans. This ring does not sew a cleaning cloth to my hand. This ring does not mean I can’t understand maths. This ring is not a band of ownership, like a receipt at […]

United Unit

By Emily Raisin

Our world is a unit, a spherical whole. An entity. An entirety. A wonder to uphold. In defining a ‘unit’, we understand one. This is the problem. It’s where we’ve gone wrong. Our world is not a lone, singular thing, As its heart is laced with infinite strings, Like a robust rope, a weaved tether, […]


By Deborah Ashfield

The blurry taste of blood / aromatic injury swelling in my lungs, in my mouth, in my throat. Kick me. Kick me again, and again, We are the cement; there is no wall without us. Where are your children? did you kill them all too? Driven to madness. Stripped of their youth. A bullet skims […]


By Mel Pettitt

My mother taught me to bleed based on the instructions of my grandmother– she made sure I might never forget. My daughters’ birthdays hurt like bee stings. He says I am ugly, which is why he wanted to touch me, my breasts swollen unchristian things, and painful; there was darkness wrapped inside my apology.   […]


By Annabelle Fuller

First there was the heat. Kiln womb, Suffocated after being dragged up from the ground. Clapped together, clay compressed, Neat brick forms made. The twenty-fifth blackbird roasted, Fed with burning warmth. Dragged out into the cold, cold air. Beside my brothers, weeping in the brightness of the day, Formed into clean-cut lines, Mortar slathered onto […]


By Fashokun Adeoti

I have seen so many things So many people have roamed through my walls So many changes humans and time have wrought on me But my soul remains the same. Tudor – my fireplace has warmed the hearts of many And my oak clock chimes to remind me What I already know – I am […]

The History House

By Amelia Doherty

I remember the living room, the pale colours of furniture, the blazing fire with the intricacy of a mantlepiece, the booming noise of a grandfather clock the swinging and ticking and tocking I remember the dining room the long table with the small chairs the vase that was cracked the antique mirror to one side […]

Through Marble Eyes

By Eleanor Flowerday

A thick musk of decadence and decay lingers in the air, Its cloying scent invading the noses of whomever dares to break the residual silence. Bent glass that lines the walls like translucent armour, Gives a warped view to the outside world. Cubes of light drench dark floorboards, Who creak in response to a visitor’s […]

Unwritten History

By Emily Garratt

Behind our eyes, are the stories we’ve never told. We lay witness to the past but are silenced by an internal voice. Our voice may be shielded by the longcase clock, whose presence resembles a time once forgotten. But those rhythmic ticks only fulfill our heart-beat, of memories. Yet we remember beneath your prying eyes […]

An Open Letter from Greys Court

By Marina McCready

You’ve walked my halls and blooming gardens fair, Preserved me well across the endless years; It seems like only yesterday when I Was not much more than just a pile of bricks Atop a hill, just gazing down on the world Surveying the land which now I call my own. You fought a war outside […]

From Alice’s Perspective

By April Egan

I have seen it, seen it The blood stains on the dandelions The death, hiding among the daisies Staining the innocence forever Yet, here comes the king! Singing of how pure his brethren are Hand on his breast of gold. We have heard it, heard it From the hilltops over the moor where the sun […]

Bodkin Arrow

By Jake Talbot

Born in the fires of England. From humble birth I come, Bound to poplar by pitch and sinew Together we become one. Across the treacherous sea I travelled, This land seems so far away To fields of Agincourt To face to face the judgement day. Banded together our fellow archers stood Humble at sight of […]

The Difference

By Charlie Lambert

Henry’s arm rises, Henry’s arm rises, My hand is shaking as I touch the quiver, I am standing in the middle of my fear, The thunder of hooves down the hill, The sword sliding in my mind The wave of horses move like the raging sea, The wave of blue upon the hill, Henry’s arm […]


By Gilda Hanson

Thank you I have been waiting for this moment For 600 years Alone For me it started With sunshine fingers And soldiers getting ready Like children On their first day at school Morning minds aching with worry About the day ahead The French army stood Like bulls ready to charge Blocking our way We were […]

The Splendid Longbow

By Monica Selzer

You should have seen us at Agincourt Outnumbered but not defeated We dealt a deadly deluge Before our mission was completed. Time and time again my strong archer Drew my smooth string back Endless flurry of arrows cavorted through the air I am proud, I am strong in attack. Strong and sleek, I can fire […]


By Barirah Ashfak

War tastes like death with a fever Sick and unwell, a raging Heat dancing across my skin Swords will not hurt the land? But my left hand is the west, My right is the east And you are hurting everything in between If I listen closely I can hear men Who are roaring with lion […]

The Helmet

By Roahn Mohindru

I was among the flags, soldiers and armour, but I could not stop that arrow. I stopped the rain, wind and snow, but I could not stop that arrow. I felt the blood, the sweat and mud, but I could not stop that arrow. I felt the scares, cuts and bruises, but I could not […]

The Arrow

By George Evans

I have a story I would like to tell, About the battle of Agincourt so listen well. I have rusted in the mud for 600 years, Buried alone with my memories and tears. The day started brightly and the troops were all ready, My brave English archer was holding me steady. As we were waiting […]

Battle Tears

By Margaret Black

Clanking armours, whizzing arrows Fallen fighters, broken bows, How we remember those Buried where green grass grows? Days and years have swiftly flown, Crispin’s tears turned to stone, Where French and English brave Lost their lives in muddy grave. Horses, people, swords and daggers, Hutchets, longbows, arrows, hammers, Drowned heavy-armoured knight, Henry Monmoth won the […]


By Sam Williams

Gargantuan armies smash and splatter the heaving mud, Each insignificant warrior’s knowledge of battle shattered on broken shields, As the drench of barbed droplets strikes each man, their minds turn to their now broken dreams, Of feats of heroism and shining armour and the parties and feasts that were to follow after. Arrows falling from […]

Agincourt through a Crow’s Eyes

By Freya Upton

High in the sky as a murder of crows, We turn our eyes down to the depressed fields. Many shocked soldiers lie in blood-stained clothes, We scratch and waddle over rusty shields. Not long ago in glaring, broad daylight, Horses squelched as they plodded through thick mud. Broadswords now useless, arrows let out blood, Men […]

The Eve of Crispin’s Day

By Colette Spaul

Fear not. She returns on the Eve; Doubt, the deceiver, clement and wild and lasting. Behold, the Angel of Agincourt! She comes in capricious and kind ruination, as sunlight filters through trees in fine hanging rain, painting shadows gold and black. For rebels and kingmakers alike, she comes danger-bright and roaring. And now, the light-fingered […]

Land Speaks at Agincourt

By Matilda Houston-Brown

I am drunk on blood and bones. Northern France, the honest mud Printed with confusion in fields of cold October. My quagmire only sees conflict. For earth, it is laughable To consider being owned. My age understands the tears- Warfare is my language, but Allegiances bore me now. Arrows are always sweetest Cracking through scarred, […]

The Troubadour’s Song

By Nirvana Yarger

Gather ‘round me, gather ‘round me, I’ll tell you of great victory! I’ve walked the field of Agincourt, seen polished mail and glinting blade, the bows in hands of men who end, this war that’s raged one hundred years! O France! The mangy lion – sallow, grey, bedraggled mane and rotting gums, and bulging eyes, […]

Dinner Party

By Eleanor Penny

Each to their own, so we are tasked differently. Dinner will come, thick-suited men will crow and flap about the offering-table, nodding thanks at belly-height, and crickle-toothed and too hot under the low lights. I shake the scales from fish hips glinted in the shadow of the dry dock She can lift – look how […]