Poem for a meme

By Chanchal Kumar

have u seen that meme where the picture depicts a myosin protein dragging an endorphin to the inner part of the cortex which leads to the feeling of happiness in the human brain? just like sisyphus pushing his rock up the mountain. and i think, how apt, happiness is indeed a pursuit, something to be […]

you/me, an intellectual

By Lydia Wei

you: daaaamn gorgeous / thicc baby / yummmayyyy me, an intellectual: daaaamn / & she eats kleenex tissues & protein bars / & she worships the bronzed billboard goddesses of ventura freeway / & she cuts her nails / inserts two fingers in her mouth / confesses to the toilet bowl & prays for absolution […]

The Inattentive Lover

By Nadia Lines

The couple, side by side, do look to be, A picture of fresh love and youthful charm, One cannot question their fidelity, When one sees them strolling arm in arm. But woe betide! His hungry eyes do stray, To that young beauty just crossing their track, His greedy, whistling lips do now betray, His lust […]

Spooky Scary Skeletons

By Emily Hana

I can tell by the way my mother chews her toast that she is haunted. The faces in the fake Jackson Pollock painting in our living room are haunted. There is a dog that howls outside my room each morning at 3:06; that too is haunted. Empty spaces are haunted; train tracks in winter morning […]

it really do be like that sometimes

By Cia Mangat

I think that the earth knows it really do be like that sometimes I think I can feel the water stagnating in the shower it’s hard and it isn’t doing my hair any favours but it’s all good I think that everyone who follows me knows that it really do be like that sometimes guys […]

Ode to Pepe the Frog

By Em Power and Elizabeth Thatcher

You were tiny. Green. Insignificant. You, always sad and stoic, contemplative, hissing, a symbol for something unnamed. Every line in your face spells out an incoherent joke, a teen’s rampant laughter, your black eyes the light of a webcam. You, miserably self-aware. Feels good man. God says you weren’t meant to exist like this. You […]

xu zhimo’s willow

By Lydia Wei

on the bus ride to cambridge,         the tour guide tries to tell us about peasant rebellions, chelsea buns, plague pits:     the sky grew dusty with coughed prayers… some of the younger couples pay attention:     young professionals from beijing, i think, they collect these kinds of stories like toy trains and             action […]


By Jack Helme

The wood around the village edge greys in the distance like eyes do in time. The tree bark creases like crows’ feet arounds knots and branched shoulders. Craning my neck to write, the forest comes out from behind beeswax polish and I chase my classmates across the pine carpet. Looking past my pencils and papers, […]


By Jei Degenhardt

Something happened and the evening turned into a bruise. The next day the bruise grew a tree. He walked around it all morning. Whispering, then yelling. Through the garden window I saw his lips, blue, and the mist leaving them to break upon the bark. He was back inside when I came home from work. […]

Looking at Trees

By Theo Lewis

Looking at trees on the way home this evening, bent in the wind, leaning amicably like drinkers at a bar, I thought: I will stop resisting. I will lean with my friends, and let the wind agitate my hair.

parallel of a dead oak

By Natalie Perman

a tree dissevered dissevered a tree                                                roots worms                                                                          clear in green water  a deified root                                                     deified worms                                                                          a tree dissevered                                                                           translucent in green water a tree painted                                                    the reflection of hollow                                                              the landscape of woods holds its own […]

Dermatology for Trees

By Stephanie Chang

I recommend a dab of argan oil, bird-screech, honey water to soothe the complexion. Apply twice daily, no less. No song as tremulous as self-coronation. As body anointing every drip & seed. When you exfoliate, your roots may take flight, sing more sap than cratered underbelly. What I mean is this: the moss shall slick […]

Family Tree

By Patrick Tong

I’m just going to start here. At its trunk. It was                       not so long ago my name slipped into our family tree like the silken soil slips into my palms. I hand-snip                       the tenderized roots, but here’s the truth. Everything soft ends at the tree crown. Mercy too good to stay for                       […]

-.. .- -. -.-. .

By Ella Standage

it’s a dance. two girls trying not to stand on each other’s toes. two girls trying not to stand on the truth, circling each other in the dark. one wrong step: the air-raid sirens howl. there are secrets and there are secrets. the trick is knowing which ones to keep. the days run past like […]

Home of the Codebreakers

By Liberty Hinze


From Bletchley With Love

By Jayant Kashyap

Germany’s war was waged, we had to make it ours. It began then, an almost park given to us: a façade of what it was not, Huts, a family of a hundred hundred people to trust secrets to; we began in quiet and voice never defied us in six – many – years; the war, […]


By Amy Wolstenholme

A t the start it felt like a clock. T he rhythm too steady. The tap (drip) you for G ot in the kitchen, or the key in the lock T urning over (and over). And still, we could no T work out the time, no rhythm to it, but still we T ried. The […]


By Asmaa Jama

I’m quite sightless Or tried to translate thes and wore that On this war we’re in en the snow wasn’t ash Or when I no longer got and none of it can be told until I’m blind with black ear nt with each other If I should die, tell him

I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire (There’ll Always Be an England)

By Ellora Sutton

            ladies ladies gentlemen set on fire too much             land love small lane field I don’t want to don’t want to dreaming of I know I’m dreaming of          awry                         million marching wheel way down deep inside fire one desire baby I’ve ambition             there’s surely don’t want to set a don’t want […]

< Vera >

By Jack Cooper

We’ll meet again Don’t know where, don’t know when But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day. Keep smiling through, just like you always do, ‘Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away So will you please say hello to the folks that I know tell them I won’t be long. they’ll […]

When I tell you about my day

By Hannah Hodgson

Shirley Cottrell’s diary extract, Tuesday 17th April 1945: “To see Fantasia in afternoon with Mummy”. Mother, we are firing silent rounds at the enemy, bullets they cannot see and don’t even know exist. Mother, we conceal weapons inside our skulls, fuel them with rations, save lives abroad. We are fighting just like the men, Mother, […]

Hidden Messages

By Thurab Sharifi

It’s a collection of symbols we always use. Undeniable hate takes the passion out of our speech. They will help you with your words. Beginning at relations, it’s a family of 26 all into one house. We make them into words and speech. They are always there for us, making us happy with their dances. […]

That Night

By Ellora Sutton

The hands             that night one-on-one             that night pain and suffering             that night. I can tell you firsthand the devastating impact. Life has been deeply altered forever. Every waking minute is consumed with worry             anxiety                         fear and depression. He walks. I hide. He consumes. Broken             shattered in so many ways. […]

Stages of Grief

By Gwenllian Rees

It began with a hole.   It took fifteen years to construct a man:          working day and night To make time to overcome The difficulties of functioning On his own. The prize? Tomorrow.   Somewhere in the past, he completely changed And never told anyone.  


By Olivia Todd

Between oceans lies the deserted Land of Decoration. The book thief wanders these tomeless shores and resigns to the forgetting time. A life discarded, a dismantled bike crumpled at the bottom of a cliff. No trigger warning present. They are all alone here. Untouched by urban lights, the night rainbow is as expressive as smoke […]


By Samantha Lascelles

The voice                                             beamed into space      a message of peace and hope.                          died earlier this year,                              set to   music                   ordinary orange dwarf star.

Different Roads

By Sally Liu

On a Friday night late in November the Road had come to a stop, falling to pieces. Brought to a stand. And everything upon it followed and overspread one another. That Friday night, an unwholesome sea shut out the light from the eyes of the mind; a beautiful nature to wither away by the setting […]

Side Effects

By Christiane Hitchcock

(Olanzapine: a choice I chose to not make, take from this what you will) do not be worried about this.   it will cause more sleepiness to help stop (mainly used) *addictive* other conditions. it may slow down your reactions. it may make you feel more sleepy. “short-acting” – as soon as you remember, whilst […]

youth realisation through conversation

By Tallulah Howarth

i’m scared -of? what is going to happen to us this is our lives, i suppose -have you eaten? i’m very confused i love you i am so jealous i’m sorry it’s all my fault you’re going to call an ambulance – yes, i am i’ve tried so hard to be numb, but i can’t […]