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Posted 14.10.13 in Features

Ezra Pound, Imagism and a Poetry Society event…

101 years ago, in the British Museum tea shop, Ezra Pound described his poet-friends H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) and Richard Aldington as imagistes. Now a new event with Don Share (editor of the American magazine Poetry) and Maurice Riordan (editor of Poetry Review) explores Pound’s rules for Imagist poets and whether poets need a new set of guiding principles.

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Posted 21.06.13 in Features

Gorgeous, inspirational video about the Foyle Young Poets Award

The Poetry Society is delighted to present a brand new short film celebrating the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award, featuring the 2012 poets, judges Helen Mort and Christopher Reid plus interviews with former winners of the Award.

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Posted 13.09.12 in Features

Stars Challenge for National Poetry Day

Balls of gas and plasma…stories and destinies written in the sky…a means of navigation…Stars can mean many things. What will you write about?

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Posted 24.03.11 in Features

Poetry for Peanuts

If you want to explore the great world of poetry, luckily you can go far with just a pocket full of change. Alex Pryce seeks out poetry for under a fiver.

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