August Writing Challenge 5: Skeleton Poem

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We are challenging you to write your own mini anthology of poems this August! To help you, every two days poet Jon Stone will set a new challenge on the Young Poets Network site to spark off a new poem.

Challenge 5. Skeleton poem.

The flesh of a poem is its actions and descriptions, so this poem has no verbs or adjectives (except possessive adjectives – my, your, his etc).

Jon’s example of a Skeleton Poem, (there’s one adjective that’s slipped in there,  but maybe it’s okay to break the rules occasionally…)


A hare in the road,
its heels slicks of
Bats in their screeds
a flint-song amid
the railway tunnel.
That humming beyond
our bulb’s tingle-hum.
Gnats, gnats, gnats
in a gnat-chorus.
Scuff and scatter.
An owl, despite itself,
momentarily between
The raindrops in
their husks of light.

Submitting your poem

Jon has now chosen his favourite response to the Skeleton poem challenge, but you can still use his workshop to spark a new poem and send to one of the opportunities on our Poetry Opportunity Page! Have a read of this Skeleton poem for inspiration:

Beehive by Upasna Saha


Jon Stone

Jon Stone was born in Derby and currently lives in Whitechapel, London. He is co-creator of the multi-format arts journal Fuselit and micro-anthology publishers Sidekick Books. He won a Society of Authors Eric Gregory Award in 2012 and his collection, School of Forgery (Salt, 2012) is a Poetry Book Society Summer Recommendation. He works as a court transcript editor.

Published August, 2012

One thought on “August Writing Challenge 5: Skeleton Poem

  1. Wow. This gotta be the hardest challenge so far, albeit the most interesting one. Who doesn’t want to do poetry in its barest form?

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