Clare Pollard: Gives You Feedback

We all have poems we can’t let go – we keep going back to them, tweaking, cutting, adding things in. We know they’re worth persisting with, but something isn’t quite working. Often it helps to have a reader who can look at the poem with fresh eyes, so for my first week in residency at the Young Poets’ Network I’m going offer an open troubleshooting session.

How to submit: all you have to do is email your poem of up to 25 lines to (please only send one poem per person and mark your email “Clare Feedback”). Feel free to accompany it with any questions about particular lines. 50 poets will receive private emailed feedback – the poems will not be posted online so you really can send the one that’s been frustrating you most! I will also be posting up general comments and tips which come from reading them as a group. Please send your poems in by noon Monday 6th June.

This will give me a great chance to see what areas of poetry you’d like help with over my next three sessions. Look forward to reading your work!

Clare Pollard’s first collection of poetry The Heavy-Petting Zoo (Bloodaxe, 1998) was written whilst she was still at school, and she has just published her fourth collection, Changeling (Bloodaxe,2011), which is a Poetry Book Society Recommendation. Her play The Weather (Faber, 2004) premiered at the Royal Court Theatre and her documentary forradio, ‘My Male Muse’, was a Radio 4 Pick of the year.  She recently co-edited the Bloodaxe anthology Voice Recognition: 21 poets for the 21st Century and is on the board of Magma poetry magazine.

Published May, 2011

5 thoughts on “Clare Pollard: Gives You Feedback

  1. Thank you so much for doing this 😀 however, I must point out that there isnt a monday 5th june. Monday is the 6th.

  2. may i ask if were to plan to enter my poem for the ypn comp would you I not be allowed to after i sent it to you? ps i love your idea this is what me and alot of people need!

    1. Hi Christopher, I assume you mean the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award which is also run by the Poetry Society ( Since Clare is giving private feedback your poem won’t be published, so it will still be eligible for the competition.

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